NJ Online Craps

Online craps is slowly gaining more popularity at NJ online casinos. This ancient dice-game is a favorite among many players. However, you have to pick high-quality casinos based on game variety, mobile compatibility, speed, and bonuses. Besides, the safety and security of the site also matter. We’ve done the homework for you. On this page, you’ll find awesome NJ online casinos for playing craps. Keep reading to learn more about the best sites that offer real money bonuses, and so much more. For instance, these sites have countless payment methods to ensure fast secure transactions,

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What is online craps?

Craps is a classic table game that’s about predicting the outcome of a pair of dice, roll, or multiple rolls. Thus, it utilizes two chips and dice. As a player, you have to choose between a ‘don’t pass,’ and ‘pass bet’. It’s a simple formula you can follow in minutes. Other types include Place bets, Field bets, Odd bets, Come and Don't come bets.

They are simple formulas you can follow in minutes. The table and jargon may seem complex, but it’s not. First, you need to understand the table layout. Second, learn the terms. Next, understand online craps functions such as minimum/maximum limits, auto bets, and session timers.

Is it legal to play at online casinos in NJ?

Yes, Online craps is safe and legal in New Jersey. The approval came in 2013, by the Garden State. Bill A2578 allows all standard casino games such as slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, and craps. The Division of Gaming Enforcement monitors all casino operations in New Jersey. That’s to say, anyone in this state can play, including visitors. New Jersey is home to a good number of NJ online casinos that abide by state laws. Therefore, worries aside, feel free to jump in, and explore this exciting game.

Different kinds of online craps

As mentioned before, there are many variations of the casino game. The online setting has opened doors for more versions, but the concept is the same. They only differ in table layout and rules. What is considered a win in one type, may be a loss in another. Also, the odds and house edge percentage is different. Below, you'll find some of these popular types you are likely to come across in an online casino.

Bank craps

Bank craps is the most common type of craps found in many online casinos. Its layout and table are unique and involves some mathematics. The game's progress depends on the outcome of each roll. For example, it will be a win if the come-out is a 7, 11, natural, or a crap. You'll be playing versus the house. Thus, understanding rules, odds and house percentage is key. To play, place cash or chips on the virtual table's section then click, ‘roll.' In short, you're betting on whether you'll pass or win.

Crapless craps

Crapless craps are slightly different from Bank craps because there's no loss on a pass line bet. This is so, even if the roll lands on a 2, 3, or 12. Therefore, the house edge percentage is lower, placing the odds in favor of the player. That's why it's a favorite among players. However, few online casinos offer Crapless craps.
High point craps

This type is simple in nature, hence is different from standard craps. To begin with, if on the first roll the dice lands on a 2, or 3, it doesn't count. That's to say, you'll have a chance to roll again. If it lands on 11, or 12, that's an automatic win! Here's the catch. Any other combination becomes the point. So, on your next roll, the total should be higher than the point. Also, the payoff is even. However, the house edge is at 2.35% slightly higher than standard craps.

Simplified craps

As the name suggests, simplified crap is a version of crap with simplified rules. There is no pass or don't pass line bets, naturals, or craps. If you are a newbie, this is the best for you. You'll only need to throw one roll of the dice. It's a win for you in case the total is 12, 11, 10, 4, 2, or 3. e best for newbies. The other numbers, 9,8, 7, 6, and 5 means it's a loss.

Advantages of playing craps online

Considering you'll be using coins, you can bet small amounts. However small the winnings, online casinos always pay it to the closest penny. This wouldn't be the case in a live game. And, online craps have features absent in their live counterparts. Here are a few other pros that make playing online craps online ideal.

  • Play when you want: You are your own boss. All you have to do is visit your favorite casino and select Craps in the table section. Thus, no there's no need to move to a land-based casino to get the thrill. Besides, you can pause, and resume at your own pleasure.
  • Practice and learn (free): It's not uncommon to find online casinos offering free games. other than playing with real money, you can try the free versions first. Specific online casino sites offer different versions of the games. What a great way to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game! Soon, you'll be a pro, ready to try your luck for some big wins.
  • Reduced minimum bets: With just a dollar or less, you can bet in an online craps game. Smaller bets mean more bets and more time. Besides, these wagers will also round off to the penny. On the other hand, land-based casinos start off with a minimum of $5 or higher.
  • Speed: It's upon you to detect the speed of the game. when playing online the action can be fast-paced. This is because you skip some steps. Online craps feature a bet button that immediately places the last gamble back on the girdle. At times, you have the option to raise or lower your wager.
  • Bonuses and promotions: Almost all casinos have some type of offer or promotion to earn you some free bets. Meaning, you won't be using your real cash on such offers. Therefore, it's not a loss really, even if you lost. Also, it the perfect opportunity to try out the selected games.
  • No need to tip: There's no dealer. it's just you and your smartphone or computer. Thus, you'll save a few dollars that could have ended up in the attendant's pockets.

Disadvantages of playing online

Of course, the online setting comes with a few limitations.

  • No real dice to throw: The thrill that comes with preparing to throw a dice, and awaiting the outcome is unmeasurable. You'll miss out on this while playing online. Thanks to technology, you can still play craps, without manually throwing the dice.
  • Wager winnings: The wager winnings will depend on the bets and odds. Craps odds can be costly, depending on your preference in betting. You will risk big stakes to place these bets. Anything that is 5x odds or more will mean you're taking a bigger chance.

Online Craps

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)  

🤔 Is it safe to play online craps?
Absolutely, most online casinos that offer craps use the best technology to ensure safety and fairness.
🤔 What variants of the game are available online?
The most common variants are the Standard craps. Examples include crapless craps, bank craps, and simplified craps.
🤔 Is there a difference between online craps and live craps?
Online craps is a solo game unlike in live casinos where you'd have to wait for your turn. Also, the game is run by computer software and depends on RNG software to determine the outcome
🤔 Is it safe to play online craps for real money?
Yes, as a matter of fact, you may end up winning some real withdrawable cash. Also, some states lay out clear regulations pertaining to legality. Most online casinos in NJ permit players to play online craps for real money.