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If you’ve been gambling online and you haven’t tried live roulette in NJ, then you are missing out. Even worse, you don’t even know what you’re missing out on! Live dealers are probably the most important thing to happen to the online casino industry. Live dealer roulette with real money? Yes please! Playing table games online has never been great, because it just doesn’t compare to the real thing. Once they dropped live dealers into the mix, everything changed. And that is especially true for roulette. That’s why you need to be checking out the best NJ online casino roulette.

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By Lars Wahlström - Updated February 9, 2023

Reading time: 13 minutes

What is Live Roulette in NJ?

Live online casino roulette in NJ is exactly what you think it is: a real, live dealer enabling you to play roulette live and online. Just like in a brick-and-mortar casino, a dealer is someone who’s specially trained to host a game. Basically, they know the rules inside and out.

In addition, they take the bets, call the results, all of that. The only difference when playing online is that they’re not there in person in your house. That would be weird, obviously!

Instead, they play via webcam, live streaming to your computer or mobile device. All in all, they’ll take your bets, guide you through the game, and do everything a dealer does.

Live Roulette Banner

Live Dealer Roulette with Real Money

A lot of people would say that it’s not roulette if it doesn’t have an actual roulette wheel. Just like the reels on a slot machine, there’s so much excitement in that action. When that wheel starts spinning and the ball goes rolling, there’s a certain energy in that. It is indeed pure magic.

When playing live dealer roulette with real money, you get to see that wheel. No, it’s not exactly the same thing as being there in person, but it’s close enough. Overall, it’s just as exciting.

Best NJ Online Casino Roulette

If you’re not a roulette fan, by all means, give it a try. Maybe it’s not your thing, but then again, maybe it is! Perhaps the best NJ online casino roulette will sway you. Next thing you know, you’ll be hitting New Jersey casinos, looking for your next spin.

Live dealers undeniably bring an exciting element to online gambling. After all, you’re interacting with a real person! Furthermore, you’re doing it all from the comfort of your own home. You shouldn’t spend all your time in online casinos just playing slots. You definitely need to see what else the experience has to offer.

Live Roulette at Online Casinos in the Mobile

When live dealer casinos came around, it was no longer necessary to go to a brick and mortar casino to get your roulette fix. All of a sudden, with the rise of mobile casinos, you don’t even have to go to your computer desk! Without a doubt, live casinos on mobile have come a long way.

Playing live roulette in the palm of your hand is just as exciting as watching the action unfold on a computer monitor. That being said, casinos generally don’t offer their entire live casino offering on mobile devices. However, that day is coming, make no mistake about it.

Realistic Experience With Live Roulette

This roulette wheel has two common versions. The American roulette and European roulette. The main difference between the two is that American roulette has double zero whereas European roulette has a single zero.

This means that European roulette has better odds, hence its popularity. Live roulette in NJ focuses on European as it has a lower house edge.

Live roulette grants you a realistic experience of the game thanks to the POV used. You are free to compete online with professional dealers. Even though you aren’t playing in an actual casino, you’ll have a realistic casino background.

How to Find the Best Live Roulette Online Casino in NJ

No one said finding the best live roulette online casino in NJ would be easy. So many factors make a casino worth a try. We’ve gathered a list of some of these factors. Red them exhaustively to manage to choose the best casino for your live dealer roulette needs.

  • License and regulations: Never dare to play live roulette in an unlicensed casino. New Jersey has tons of licensed and regulated casinos you can turn to. This helps whenever you have a dispute as the licensor will intervene. Besides, a casino that’s answerable to a regulatory body should be your choice.
  • Safety and security: When settling for a NJ casino to play live roulette at, make sure its safety and security are reliable. All your banking information and personal details need to be in safe hands. Choose casinos that use the latest security such as SSL encryption. In doing so, you won’t be afraid of losing data to third parties.
  • Trustworthy and reputation: Make sure you exercise due diligence on your casino of choice. You need to play at a casino that guarantees payments. If you find any clues that taint the reputation of the casino, run for your life. Also, consider playing live roulette at an online casino. Most land-based casinos aren’t reliable. The wheels are sometimes rigged and imperfect. What follow are disappointments. At least online casinos can avoid that since the croupiers don’t interfere with the facilities.
  • Number and variety of games: Choose a NJ online casino that offers different types of live roulette. Yes, being spoilt for choice should be the aim. When the game collection is wide, you’ll find even the latest roulette releases. You can enjoy European, American, Live Auto, and Multiview Roulette. Go for a casino that offers a variety of games.
  • User experience (app): A casino with an app would be best when playing live roulette. You don’t have to keep using your browser whenever you need to play. Use an app to get the full features the casino has to offer. For a smooth experience with live dealer roulette, check the site’s mobile app functionality.
  • Bonuses and promotions: Look for a NJ online casino that offers bonuses on live roulette. However, it’s not common to find exclusive bonuses on this game. Look for a handful of casinos that will give you a chance to grab bonuses on live roulette. Most of them have a low rollover but that doesn’t hurt provided you better your odds.
  • Loyalty program (VIP-program): You want to get perks and benefits for being a regular player. Always sign up to a site that rewards its loyal players. The VIP program lets you have fun playing as you rise up.
  • Deposit and withdrawal options: Deposits and withdrawals should be seamless. Therefore, you need to choose a casino with flexible banking options. Check whether the methods allowed are available in the NJ market. Besides, it would help if you choose an option that doesn’t have too high charges.

All Top Roulette Strategies to Use When Playing Live

Roulette strategies are not a guarantee to always beat the wheel. Nevertheless, being smart enough in applying them is a secret to winning.

Before settling on a strategy, make sure you know what to expect. For instance, understanding which strategy focuses on even money bets helps you to make a wise decision. Find the top roulette strategies below:

Martingale Roulette Strategy

This is the simplest and most popular betting system. Martingale strategy implements the common fallacy; ‘if you lose you must win sooner or later’. Ideally, this system is all about doubling your bet whenever you lose. In doing so, you look forward to recover the losses in the long run. Let’s illustrate better. So, your first wager is $10.

When you lose the bet, you will double the bet to $40. The cycle goes on to $80, $160, $320, $640, $1 280, and so on. With Martingale, going all the way to get a profit of $10 is the motivation. Unfortunately, this strategy can hurt your bankroll badly.

Don’t expect to wager large amounts of money in the Martingale betting system. On the contrary, make minimum bets so that it doesn’t cost you too much to chase after your losses.

Grand Martingale Strategy

If you love to apply an extra addition to the bet any time you lose, this strategy suits you. Grand Martingale strategy is all about adding a single unit to the bet when you lose. You must also factor in the base amount of the bet.

In simpler terms, you bet with $10 and lose. So, your next bet will be $30. Unlike the Martingale strategy, this system would apply to high rollers who have a big bankroll.

Reverse Martingale / Paroli System

Contrary to the Martingale system, this system focuses on your wins. Thus, your bet increases when you win and reduces when you lose. As a rule of thumb, the Reverse Martingale needs you to be a winning player to enjoy it.

However, putting emphasis on your winnings means less damage to your losses. Your aim is to win the bet, so this method does you a favor. No other strategy gives you a chance to maximize your winnings.

D’Alembert Strategy

D’Alembert was invented by a French Mathematician some time back. This strategy is different from the Martingale system as it doesn’t double the bets. Instead, in D’Alembert strategy you add a single unit to your wager when you lose.

After a win, the bet is reduced with one bet. If you don’t fancy the idea of doubling the bets after losing, this is a perfect strategy to apply. D’Alembert strategy focuses on even money bets as well.

James Bond Strategy

James Bond betting strategy is for you if you want to spend less time at the roulette table. You have to follow what James Bond invented to make your bets successful. For each round, ensure you play with bets worth $200.

Besides, you memorize the first three bets as $140 on a number in 19-36, $50 bet on a number in 13-18, and $10 bet on the single zero.

Applying this strategy means you have 2/3 chances to win the bet. The remaining 1/3 might at times exceed the maximum table bets. As you can see, the James Bond strategy works magic. It’s what you need to use when you are in a hurry. With it, you don’t spend too much time on the roulette table.

The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

Following a number sequence to beat the roulette wheel must be interesting. Fibonacci strategy requires you to come up with a number sequence whenever you spin the wheel. The whole idea lies in adding the two previous numbers to come up with your next bet.

Ideally, your bet sequence will be something like; 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 and so forth. After the popular Martingale, this is the second simplest strategy to apply in live roulette.

The All-in Roulette Strategy

Your high-risk attitude when betting needs this strategy. The All-in betting strategy means betting your entire bankroll with a single bet. As its name suggests, you are going all in. you can even decide to make multiple bets using the whole bankroll.

The good thing is that when you win, you will smile all the way to the bank. However, losing terribly is inevitable too. Exercise lots of caution with this strategy.

The Constant Roulette Strategy

As its name suggests, the Constant roulette strategy means using the same bet throughout. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose in this strategy. Additionally, the Constant strategy isn’t for you if you want to make considerable returns.

Only stick with it if you’re spinning the wheel for fun. You don’t increase, reduce, or double the bet. But you can make profits by increasing your bet size altogether.

Even though most people find this system a bit boring, it has its positive side. For once, you won’t be worried about large streaks of losses. And if you’re winning, you won’t need to make too many bets. If you’re tired of all the other strategies, at least you’ll enjoy using the simplicity this strategy applies.

The Best Live Roulette Games in NJ

If you want to enjoy live roulette online casino in NJ, it counts to know the games present. The list of the games stretches as the latest releases feature.

Here is a list of the games you’ll find:

  • Multiview Roulette
  • Live Auto-Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • American Roulette

American Roulette and European Roulette

European roulette: NJ live dealer roulette casino players need to choose European roulette over American roulette. The latter has two zeros and a lower house edge of 2.6%. It’s believed to be almost half of the American roulette’s one. Additionally, hitting the single zero in the American roulette is risky. It means losing the entire bet at once.

Multiview Roulette

Check out the latest release of roulette powered by Ezugi. Multiview Roulette is ultimately the best variant to pick. The game resembles the typical live roulette in almost every aspect. The only difference is that Multiview Roulette is delivered in more intuitive cinematic cameras.

Live Auto-Roulette

This version of the game doesn’t need a human touch to be active. The wheel automatically spins round the clock. As a result, there’s no need for a croupier to do that. Live Auto-Roulette is always a fun game to play.

When Did Live Roulette Arrive in New Jersey?

The most interesting format of roulette, live dealer roulette, is now in New Jersey. The wheel game arrived in the Garden State in August 2016. It was first experienced in the Golden Nugget Casino then in Betfair Casino slightly later.

Later, live roulette advanced into the double-zero format. Golden Nugget Casino partnered with Ezugi to invent its live dealer studio in 2016. So, the wheel game stretched throughout the state with more sites launching it. In 2018, Borgata licensees (Borgata Casino, Party Casino NJ, and BetMGM) followed suit.

Over time, live roulette has spread in NJ markets as top-tier provider Evolution Gaming appeared. This was after a partnership with Hard Rock AC to provide live dealer roulette to the players. After launching its online operations, Hard Rock welcomed aboard 888 Casino, SugarHouse, Mohegan Sun, and Resorts.

Note that the opening time for each live dealer studio is 11 am- 3 am. But it’s important to check with each site to confirm. To enjoy the live dealer sessions of the game you need nothing much. Live roulette is available on your Mac, PC, Android, and iPhone smartphones and tablets.

Advantages of Playing Live Roulette at a NJ Online Casino

  1. You can easily place maximum bets.
  2. Enjoy socializing while remaining anonymous.
  3. It’s available on your Android and iPhone devices.
  4. You’ll find plenty of minimum wagers on baccarat and roulette games. This is different from other games in Atlantic City casinos.
  5. You’re assured of a seat on the roulette tables at New Jersey.
  6. Experience real live dealers and physical facilities for the game.
  7. Play while anywhere within New Jersey state.

Disadvantages of Playing Live Roulette

  1. Live dealer roulette is a bit slower compared to traditional online gambling.
  2. Might have rules which don’t favor the players.
  3. You don’t get to play at any time you want. The time limits of 11 am to 3 am don’t suit you if you wanted a game outside it.
  4. Live roulette offers a higher minimum wagers. When you compare with digital NJ casinos, there’s a huge difference.

Summary Live Dealer Roulette in NJ

Roulette fans have something to enjoy with live roulette now available in New Jersey casinos. This game features webcams, sensors, and software. Consequently, you’ll have the ultimate entertainment spinning the wheel.

Online casino roulette lets you enjoy spinning digital wheels to win money. On top of that, random number generators are put in place to determine the winners. The roulette tables are displayed in such a way that you won’t miss a detail.

If you love a game that unfolds in milliseconds, choose to play live roulette today. In 2016, NJ roulette players received live dealer roulette. Things have only gotten interesting as players can enjoy the game from anywhere.


Is live roulette legal in New Jersey?

Yes, playing live roulette in New Jersey is legal, especially in Atlantic City. However, you have to be physically present in New Jersey to experience a realistic experience in spinning the digital wheel.

Can I be guaranteed of winning in live roulette?

Roulette is a game of chance in which you can’t predict the outcome. Thus, winning in live roulette solely depends on the strategy you decide to apply.

Which version of roulette has the best chances of winning?

European roulette has better odds compared to American roulette. Its house edge of 2.6% means you can easily win than that of 5.4% in American Roulette.

Can I play live roulette on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can play while on the go. Live roulette is available on all your Android and iPhone mobile phones and tablets.

Is it safe to play Live roulette?

Yes, the games are clean, thanks to gaming authorities that offer licenses and oversee online casinos’ operations.

How do you play live roulette?

Firstly, pick an amount then select your bet and click on it. The live dealer acknowledges it then spins the wheel and drops the ball, just like a real casino.

Can I communicate with the live dealer?

Yes, through the Live Chat feature.

Are live roulette games rigged?

No. If you play with an established online casino, there is zero risk of rigged games. Many of the providers and operators are listed on the stock market and would risk to loose everything by rigged games.

Do all online casinos offer live roulette?

No, not all online casinos offer live games. However, most do. Nearly all leading casino operators will offer a good selection of live dealer roulette variations.

What are the different types of live roulette?

Most online casinos offer three live dealer roulette games: European, American, and French Roulette. All three have common points, but each presents a slightly different gaming experience.

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