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Boxing is one of the dramatic and super thrilling sports that has been around for decades. Equally, betting on boxing increases your adrenaline as blows take center stage. Essentially, the sport delivers a new level of fun to both bettors and fans in equal measure. Again, boxing betting presents many online betting opportunities. Specifically, in New Jersey, you can bet in local and international brawls. What's more exciting is the friendly odds and value of money if your favorite athlete carries the day. Read on to learn more about boxing betting in NJ.

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By Lars Wahlström - Updated February 22, 2023

Reading time: 10 minutes

Is it Legal to Bet on Boxing in NJ?

Sports betting has been legal in NJ since 2018. Boxing betting falls under this category. Hence, if you’re wondering if it’s legal, yes, it is. One thing to note, though; you can only wager from bookmakers licensed in the state.

Fortunately, you have many sportsbooks from which you can choose the ideal one. It’ll help if you know your boxing betting preferences beforehand. Indeed, the information will help you to choose the site that best corresponds with your betting tastes.

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How Find and Rank the Best Boxing Sportsbooks

The growth of boxing has seen many sportsbooks enter the industry. Notably, while most sites are great, some take advantage of the growing popularity to scam you. It would be best if you didn’t fall into the hands of fraudsters.

Hence, we take it as our mandate to review all the betting sites in NJ. From our reviews, we only recommend those that pass the following criteria.

License and Regulations

Playing at a licensed and regulated site is vital to avoid fraudulent sites. When we talk of licensing, we don’t refer to any licensed platform. Primarily, our ideal site should have licensing from transparent and strict authorizing bodies. Moreover, we have to confirm that reputable independent auditors audit the sportsbook.

Safety and Security

We are living in an internet age where everything, including data theft, is possible. We are all afraid of losing our sensitive information to hackers. The same goes for you. Hence, to ensure we help you join a secure site, we review a bookmaker’s security protocols and measures.

Safe websites have SSL encryption for data protection. Besides, they ensure only authorized people have access to your information.

Trustworthy and Reputation

Most of us have purchased a product or service from a company with positive reviews at one point in our life. Thus, it shouldn’t surprise you that the same applies to sportsbooks. Usually, we look for platforms with positive reviews and feedbacks from other users.

We can tell a site is trustworthy by how open it is about its terms. Additionally, reliable and reputable bookmakers will never fail to pay your winnings.

Number and Variety of Betting Options

Before joining a bookmaker, it’s normal to want to analyze its betting markets and odds. You see, like many bettors, you need a platform where you get competitive odds to as many betting options as possible. And, this is where we focus on before we rank a site.

We want you to have the best boxing betting experience where you wager on varied markets. So, whenever you check out our ranked sites, you can be sure all of them meet this requirement.

User Experience (App)

Let’s face it; almost everyone has a smartphone today. With this in mind, you will likely want a bookmaker where you can wager using a tablet or smartphone.

We know how convenient it is to bet on boxing on the go. You don’t need to be at home or carry your PC/Laptop everywhere you go to bet. Hence, we have to make sure a bookmaker is mobile-optimized.

Boxing Betting Bonuses and Promotions

Today, bookmakers reward you with various bonuses. Principally, it’s almost impossible to find a bookmaker with no bonuses and promotions. We don’t only consider the available promotions from a bookmaker but also the bonus terms.

You need to note that while rewards are great, some terms, such as high wagering requirements, make them unappealing after all. Considering you will want to enjoy bonuses, we have to ensure we rank those sites with friendly terms.

Loyalty Program (VIP-Program)

When you are loyal to a sportsbook, it needs to reciprocate. Excitingly, most bookmakers in NJ appreciate you for your loyalty. Essentially, they boast great loyalty programs that gift you special rewards. Bonuses to look forward to are things like free bets, cashback, and other VIP treats. Also, the program should be easy to join.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

No one wants a strenuous or slow process when depositing or withdrawing from a bookmaker. Here, we tell good bookmakers by checking their deposit and withdrawal timeframes.

Also, we review the available methods. Equally, we have to ascertain the sportsbook only works with secure payment processors. We take it as our mandate to hinder chances of you joining a sportsbook with unreliable banking.

What Makes the WBA So Popular

Boxing, for some time, seemed to lose its popularity, particularly before its debut into the Olympics. Today, it commands a huge following. Today, it enjoys a loyal market that continues to grow with time.

If you are reading this, you probably would like to know why WBA is very popular. Well, we are here to help you learn everything about the Association, including some renowned boxers.

More Opportunities For You to Watch the Contests

Today, you can follow everything happening in the world of boxing from the comfort of your home. We can bet this already makes you excited. You see, with most countries covering WBA events, it gets easier for you to follow every happening.

If that doesn’t excite you yet, we bet knowing you can bet on ongoing sports will. Excitingly, with the opportunity to follow events, you can make informed betting decisions.

Boxing is Fast-Growing in the Betting Scene

Although boxing betting is not on the same level as sports like football or basketball, it’s a superb betting option. The beauty about this is that you can join the sector now and watch it grow. More so, if you love the actual sport, we believe betting on it will add more thrill to your experience.

Besides, there is no better way to enjoy a sport you love than betting on your favorite player. Again, boxing uniquely stands out from other sports. By that, we mean that its nature alone is enough to grab your attention.

Also, we refer to the sport’s rapid pace that allows you to get fast results from your bets. Most importantly, you will never have a dull moment with boxing betting.

The Sport Gets Your Adrenaline Pumping

Boxing sometimes gets much-hyped, even for weeks before a big fight. Typically, the anticipation is even higher when it involves famous boxers like Anthony Joshua, Manny Pacquiao, Muhammad Ali, and Mike Tyson. We believe that the level of expertise these boxers display on the ring makes boxing adrenaline-inducing.

Probably, you will also agree with us on this. Moreover, the magnitude of WBA events and betting are thrill riders. From our end, it doesn’t matter if you are an avid or seasoned bettor. You will love boxing betting at any level. So, why not give it a try? We can guarantee you will love it.

You Can Watch an Event Later

If you look a few years back, you had to physically attend a match or watch on television when it was ongoing. Essentially, if a competition was in a country with different time zones, you missed it. Presently, thanks to catch-up TV and internet platforms like YouTube, you can watch matches you’ve missed.

What this means, therefore, is that you will never have to worry about missing any event. And, here comes the great news. You can catch up on all the WBA actions from your device. To make it more exciting, placing bets using your handheld device is possible.

Boxing Betting Lines

Boxing presents various betting opportunities. Particularly, NJ enjoys access to some of the best sportsbooks in the country. Essentially this is beneficial to you since you get to take advantage of diverse opportunities. Take a look at all boxing betting lines below.

  • Group round betting: For this, your prediction is when a fight will end.
  • Moneyline: These are simple bets where you bet on the player you think will win a single match or a league.
  • Draw no bet: Here, you predict a game will end in a draw. If this happens, the sportsbook returns your stake.
  • Total rounds: As the name suggests, you bet on the number of rounds you think a game will last.
  • Round betting: Another exciting bet where your bet is on a specific round. You don’t specify who will win, but rather the round a match will finish.
  • Method of victory: As you can tell from the name, the bet involves betting on how a boxer will win a fight. You bet on them winning via a decision or by knockout.
  • Parlays: For this, bookmakers allow you to combine several predictions into one. Usually, all your selected options have to go as you predict for a payoff.
  • Will a match go the distance bet: The bet involves predicting if a fight will exceed the total rounds. If so, the fighters’ points determine the outcome.
  • In-play: Placing bets while a fight is underway is what bookmakers call in-play betting. Also, in-play means the same as live betting.
  • Technical knockout: Here, you choose whether a fight will end due to a technical knockout due to injuries or other reasons.
  • Knockout: In this, you are betting that a boxer will win by knocking out another fighter.

Boxing Betting in the Mobile

With almost everyone owning a smartphone today, it comes as no surprise that NJ sportsbooks offer mobile betting. Through this, you follow sports happenings, analyze odds, and place bets. All from a tablet or mobile phone.

Furthermore, most sportsbooks have gone the extra mile to develop mobile apps optimized for Android or iOS handheld devices. You install the apps on your device. Excitingly, they use up little space. Hence, you don’t need a super-advanced device.

The History of Boxing

Boxing is among the oldest sports in human history. Precisely, the earliest evidence of the sport dates back to 3000BC in Egypt. The Greeks later introduced the sport to the Olympic Games in the 17th Century BC. Moreover, amateur boxing resurfaced in England in the 17th Century. Particularly, organized boxing began in the 1880s.

As you can already tell, the sport has been around for centuries. The sport initially involved five weight contests, including Bantam, Feather, Light, Middle, and Heavy.

Another milestone in the history of boxing was the creation of the World Boxing Association in 1921. Notably, Jack Dempsey was the first boxer to win the first WBA. Notably, he held the title up to 1926.

Key Boxing Fighters

Over the years, many boxers have become the world’s favorite fighters. Talk of names like Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest heavyweights of modern-day boxing. Besides winning the gold medal in the 1960 Olympics, he was also the first to win the heavyweight award three times.

Sugar Ray Robinson is another celebrated boxer famous for holding the welterweight title between 1946 and 1951. Further, we have Mike Tyson, a name we are certain you are familiar with. Notably, he made a name for himself for being the youngest heavyweight champion. To date, he remains among the most accomplished boxers.

Then comes the super-talented Floyd Mayweather. The fighter has enjoyed remarkable success throughout his career, winning fifteen coveted titles. Other celebrated fighters include Anthony Joshua, Canelo Alvarez, and Naoya Inoue. From these names, you can tell that boxing has seen many successful boxers throughout its history.


Are NJ boxing betting sites safe?

All websites licensed by respectable regulators in the state are safe.

Which boxing bets are available in New Jersey’s sportsbooks?

Excitingly, you will find varied markets. Popular ones include moneyline, round betting, futures, method of victory, and in-play.

Can I wager before I register?

Unfortunately, no. You need to create and verify your identity to start betting on boxing in any of the legal bookmakers.

What do odds refer to in boxing betting?

Typically, they are the figures that help you to know how much you stand to win should a bet go your way.

How does boxing betting work?

Sportsbooks set prices for fight night or futures for contests taking place down the line. You can get odds for everything ranging from the ‘Moneyline’, props, and live betting.

What is round boxing in betting?

Round boxing entails predicting which round a contest will fight finish in. Heavyweight fights, for example, consist of 12 three-minute rounds, and so you can get odds on a fight to be decided in the first four rounds or last the distance.

How do I sign up at a sportsbook to bet on boxing?

Signing up for a sportsbook is a straightforward process. Once you are on the homepage, you will need to fill in your personal details, and choose your payment method. Once everything has been verified, you will be able to unlock the bonuses, and play as you wish.

What are the best boxing betting sites?

Finding the best online sites to bet on boxing is about comparing odds across different bookmakers to select the highest returns for winning bets. Odds can vary greatly on upcoming events, so finding the best online boxing betting is similar to any other type of online shopping.

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