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New Jersey is arguably an avenue for the most popular sports betting in the world. One of these sports games is the UFC. In fact, you will get UFC in almost all the sportsbooks in Nj. This is because UFC has a world-class experience, and you can rest assured of winning big. Besides, UFC has some of the best odds featuring top fighters across the world. Still, you have a chance to play UFC via a mobile app, thanks to the NJ sportsbooks. As you can see, there is a lot to grab if you are a martial art enthusiast. If you are up for this Ultimate Fighting Championship, worry no more. You are at the right place. Read on to know more about it.

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The history of the UFC

UFC held its first event in 1993. Moreover, this first event happened in Denver, Colorado and the aim was to identify the best martial artist. At this time, there were no strict rules, such as weight classes. During this time, some of the events that took place include wrestling, boxing, sambo, and kickboxing, among others. Basically, UFC has 12 weight divisions. Eight are men's divisions, while four are women's division. To date, UFC has held more than 500 events.

Indeed, there are reasons why UFC is very popular in NJ and globally. Specifically, UFC has a global reach with expansion in Europe, Asia, Australia, and other top regions. UFC is popular to both bettors and those who seek entertainment. For bettors, you will get a chance to place a bet on some of the most popular fighters globally. Also, there is a variety of betting options you can choose from. Last but not least, you will get to play via mobile devices in various NJ sportsbooks. On the other hand, if you seek entertainment only, you have a chance to watch via a TV.

UFC is definitely the best sport of all time. This is because it features key fighters that have made headlines globally. Some of the fighters made headlines in the past, while others are currently at the top as we speak. The list is endless, but the key ones include Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz, Georges St –Pierre, Henry Cejudo, and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

UFC betting lines

NJ sportsbooks have spoiled you for choices when it comes to UFC betting options. Furthermore, the options are not only many but also guarantee you some winnings. So, after making a deposit, you can try your shot on the following UFC betting lines.

  • Submission – This is a betting option where a fighter accepts the defeat voluntarily. The fighter does this by tapping the floor or throwing in the towel. So, to bet, you only need to determine if there will be a submission by a certain player or not.
  • Knockout – Also known as knockdown, and refers to a legal strike that makes the opponent unable to fight any more. Still, the opponent may have some energy to stand, but he cannot continue fighting. For you to bet, you need to predict if a certain player will experience a knockdown or not.
  • Technical knockout – For this betting option, the referee stops the fights because the fighter develops an injury. To bet, you only need to predict if there will be technical submission or not.

In addition to the above betting options, you can bet on various awards. These are exclusively for UFC, and they include the following.

  • UFC Men’s World Champion – This is the best and most valuable award in the Men's Division. Out of the 8 divisions for men, you need to predict the winner in each division.
  • UFC Women’s World Champion – The winner in each of the four divisions for women bags this award. You can predict the winner and bet through any NJ sportsbook.
  • Best UFC newcomer – There are always newcomers in UFC. Besides, they make exemplary achievements, and they stand a chance to win an award. As a player, you can predict the newcomer who will go undefeated in most fights.

How do we rank the best UFC sportsbooks

Since there are many UFC sportsbooks in NJ, we recommend using the one that will give you the best experience. Because of this, we rank UFC sportsbooks using strict metrics. Our list has the best UFC sportsbook since we have rated them based on the following metrics.

  • License and regulations – The first thing we check in UFC sportsbooks is the license they have. Also, we consider whether legit authorities regulate the sportsbooks or not. Our list has licensed and regulated UFC sportsbooks, and you can select any.
  • Safety and security – Then, we don't want you to lose your money. As a result, we recommend UFC sportsbooks that are safe and secure. For our UFC sportsbook to rank high, it must have the latest SSL technology in place.
  • Trustworthy and reputation – Of course, your desire is to deal with a trustworthy and reputable UFC sportsbook. This is why check the fairness of the UFC games in order to rank a sportsbook. Also, we check whether the UFC sportsbooks have a positive reputation.
  • Number and variety of games – We cannot overlook the variety of games you will get at UFC sportsbooks. The quality of the games is also paramount. On our list, you will get unlimited choices of UFC games to choose from.
  • User experience (app) – The gaming experience you get while playing UFC games matters to us. Specifically, the sportsbook should offer you Android and IOS apps to enhance your experience. Most of the Sportsbook on our list have apps.
  • Bonuses and promotions – If a UFC sportsbook has decent bonuses and promotions, then it deserves a higher rank. Moreover, the packages should be for new and existing customers.
  • Loyalty program (VIP-program) – Indeed, you need rewards for wagering more at UFC sportsbooks. The best sportsbook should offer you comp points and other rewards as part of the loyalty program.
  • Deposit and withdrawal options – UFC sportsbooks that have safe, secure, and fast payment options are the best. Still, the transaction fee should be minimal.

Is it legal to bet on UFC in NJ?

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement licenses and regulates all UFC sportsbooks in NJ. As a result, it is legal to bet on UFC in NJ. However, you must bet through licensed sportsbooks. Also, you don't have to look at the legal UFC sportsbooks further. You can pick one from our list.

UFC online betting

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)  

How many weights division are there in UFC?
Currently, there are 12 weights divisions in UFC. 8 divisions are for men, while 4 divisions are for women.
Are there illegal moves in UFC?
Yes. Some moves are illegal, and there is a penalty for committing each of them. For instance, spitting, head-butting, and hair-pulling are illegal in the UFC.
Is there a live streaming feature in the UFC sportsbook in NJ?
Yes. You can watch live UFC games in UFC sportsbook in NJ. Still, you can place a bet on a UFC live game.
Are there UFC fighters from other countries apart from the US?
UFC features popular fighters from different countries such as Japan, UK, Russia, Canada, and many more. In other words, there are no restrictions on which countries should take place in the UFC.